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Everyday a discovery

A beautiful corner of a beautiful land: this is Val di Noto.
Many are the nearby places where to spend days surrounded by nature and sea, art, history, gastronomy and entertainment.
Here is just a brief note to begin a journey of discovery, designed to provide one plan of the visit among the many different opportunities.
We are happy to personally give you any advice necessary, to make your stay a personalized and truly unique experience.
Happy holidays!

The charm of a Magna Graecia city which takes its roots in a Mediterranean past even more remote. A crystalline sea that alternates glimpses of unforgettable colors: this is Siracusa. The beautiful architecture, the historic buildings, the walks among the shops and the typical workshops, the restaurants and inns to taste great food … or a fascinating stroll after a drink or two. Thanks to its amazing archaeological sites, monuments, the beauties of the island of Ortygia – which is sparkling and lively – the city is an unforgettable destination rich of nature, history, art and magic.
Siracusa came in the World Heritage List in the 2005.

It’s impossible not to visit it: Noto, called the “capital of Baroque”, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002, along with other late Baroque cities of the valley. The beautiful geographical location of this Sicilian town has monuments that fascinate the visitors, who are kidnapped by a succession of rich architectural charm. The present town, rebuilt after a devastating earthquake at the end of the 17th century, is an example of great urban charm. Noto, collocated in the middle of the valley and just a little more than twenty kilometers from Siracusa, welcomes tourists with unique glimpses, unforgettable views and an excellent selection of typical shops and restaurants.

riserva-naturale-vendicariVENDICARI RESERVE
Beautiful beaches of fine white sand, with beautiful backdrops and behind the Mediterranean scrub: in this scenario there are archaeological remains stratified in time, from the bronze age to the 19th century.

Here it is the reserve of Vendicari, in which you can find an intact delicate, ecological and natural balance, background and frame of ancient men’s work that attest to the great past of the island. There are lots of opportunities to visit it in every season, from snorkeling to birdwatching and naturalistic hiking. The reserve, unspoiled and charming, is a must for those who want to enjoy this corner of Sicily in all its authenticity.

An ancient place built by a Prince of Sicily, a town of Saracen sailors intent to sail the Mediterranean Sea drawing nourishment and legends. This is the village of Marzamemi, a small pearl just a few steps from beautiful beaches, with the smelling of salt and touched by the light touch of history, which seems to have stopped here. The many restaurants and taverns are delicious, serving a simple and generous cuisine, fine local wines and small artisan shops. The colors and flavors of Sicily in Marzamemi will know how to charm you, in a series of intriguing evenings and lively nights animated by an informal, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

A monumental historical center of golden colors, it is a gift for the intense southern light, the beautiful beaches and the hospitality of the people, the vivacity of the uncountable cultural initiatives and its famous chocolate. These features make Modica a fascinating destination in all seasons. Modica, of Ancient origin, perhaps Phoenician, from which derives its name, was once one of the main cities in Sicily. From this ancient splendor, it preserves the refined elegance and wonderful baroque style. The typical cuisine reinterpreted in an innovative way and the thriving artisan confectioner, make Modica an appetizing target for the gourmet travelers, those who love good living, never sated by suggestions and charms.

Awarded in 2002 as a World Heritage Site, Scicli is a lovely baroque town located in the province of Ragusa. Really a natural crib, famous for its beautiful churches, already inhabited since the Bronze Age and perched on the steep sides of a plateau that put it in a panoramic position, it boasts ancient origins. Picturesque surroundings, ranging from the coast to the foot of the Ibleo’s plateau, dotted with almond, olive and carob trees, alternating with the Mediterranean scrub. The city is also one of the “places of Montalbano”: in particular the palace of the Vigata police station which is actually the municipality of Scicli and the room of the superintendent Alderighi and office of Scicli’s Mayor.

When you arrive in Ragusa it is impossible not to visit Ragusa Ibla, the heart of the city, thanks to the numerous palaces and churches that are in there. ‘This is one of the undisputed capitals of Sicilian Baroque, built after the devastating earthquake at the end of 17th century that destroyed most of the oldest housing part of it. To mention, even the Ibleo garden with its palm grove, close to the historic district. Located about 500 meters above sea level, the city that stretches along the southern part of the Iblei mountains offers amazing views of the beautiful surroundings, sour and untouched. Finally the inevitable tasting of local specialties and a shopping tour, which is managed with the extraordinary hospitality of the people of Sicily.

A river valley, long just 10 kilometers, cuts through the Ibleo’s plateau between the town of Ispica – a town of Roman origin with her suggestive Baroque architectures – and Modica. Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, Cava d’Ispica houses priceless archaeological and historical treasures of undeniable charm. The green and the steep stones are dotted with prehistoric necropolis, Christian catacombs, rural oratories, hermitages and ancient monastic settlements, traces of mysticism transmitted by the harshness of the valley. The beauty of wildlife and the stunning scenery built by man, make this place unique, certainly not to be missed for those who want a complete travel experience.

season-inverno… MORE BEAUTY
It’s impossible to be comprehensive in pointing out the infinite choices, suggestions, possibilities that one land like Sicily can offer to the curious traveler in every season of the year.

Uncountable are the possible itineraries: historical, gastronomical , archaeological, religious, nautical, naturalistic, oenological ones, only to quote some.

The best advice we can give you – since we live here and we chose to work in hospitality – is to let yourself be surprised, to not plan things too much, but to let yourself loose, with your senses in alert, knowing that in every village, on every beach, on every archaeological site or forest you cannot resist to be lured from the deep breath of a thousand-year culture and from the magical infinite of great beauty.