Mediterranean’s Garden

You will now come to the Thrinacian island,
and here you will see many herds of cattle
and flocks of sheep belonging to the sun-god.

Odissea, XII

The garden of Europe, this is Sicily.

A generous land, where winter never comes, which just waits to be discovered by those who have curious eyes for real wonders.

The remote Mediterranean populations, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, the classic splendor, the Arabian suggestions, the Norman’s rigor and the scenographic Baroque have left here their indelible mark, making of Sicily – Italy in her most complete form – a delicate harmony of contrasts on an enchanted nature background.

The cyan color of the waves and sky, the timeless villages and the Baroque cathedrals, the temples and sanctuaries buried in a sea of olives, the highest artisan production and the people’s hospitality transform every stay in a journey of personal and cultural growth.

Intact popular traditions, wines that taste like sun and all the fantasy of a thousand-year old kitchen knowledge, make as counterpoint to a holiday that smells of orange blossom and lemon in every season of the year.

Casal di Noto offers the best this magical island is able to give. The accurate architectural renovation of the dwelling has created a resort with unmistakable characteristics: the respect of the architectural  structure goes side to side with the best solutions for comfort and for the reception of clients who love luxury, tranquility and refinement  deeply radicated in the territory and its history.



The ancient mansion transformed in a 4-Star Tourist Residence is composed by 16 Suites ( from 30 to 80 square meters), all with private garden, living room and sleeping area, some open space, others with two different areas. In the living room, sofa beds permits to satisfy requests for families and groups of friends. You will sleep in a Baronial Residence, with gorgeous gardens in total silence.

The Baronial square is the life center of the Resort, point of encounter for guests, place where to sip a cocktail, participate to a musical event, watch an artistic cultural manifestation, take cooking lessons or taste the wines of the territory.

The pool area is the space where to rest in peace and enjoy the sun of Sicily.

Every day, a new beach : The Arenella, with its white sand, Plemmirio with its protected sea area, Calamosche between domes and rocks, The rocks of Penisola Maddalena in front of Ortygia, Fontane Bianche with its springs of freshwater.


16 Suites made to satisfy the most demanding customers

The interior areas of Casal di Noto Resort have been thought and organized to offer every comfort of a modern house.

We chose not to follow the reproduction of antique environments. The finishing materials (floors and coatings) and furniture (contemporary minimalist style) create environments with vivid colors and great brightness, which reflects the functionality and practicality of our days.

The facilities (healthcare, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi) are from the latest advanced technology.

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Casal di Noto: every day, a new beach …

… but also at the center of nearby places where to let yourself be amazed and have fun.


Thanks to the gorgeous archaeological sites, the monuments and to the beauties of the Ortygia island; Syracuse, in 2005 has entered in the World Heritage List. But Ortygia is also the center of a young and passionate way of living


Noto can pride itself of the title, “Baroque’s Capital” , because of its magnificent churches and gorgeous nineteenth-century palaces.

Vendicari’s Natural Reserve

An amazing wildlife Oasis, thanks to its quagmires, it hosts a multiplicity of birds and a composite vegetation; with its archaeological settlements, it testifies the presence of men since the Greek Époque.


A maritime location of enchanting beauty in the province of Syracuse, it attracts numerous tourists, many of them very young, for its crystalline sea, the remains of an ancient place transformed into pleasant restaurants and, last but not least, for its fizzy night life.


Municipality in the province of Ragusa, it draws many tourists for its important monuments in late baroque style that are part of the list “World Heritage”, but also for its famous chocolate processed according to the original Aztec recipe!


Awarded in 2002 of the title World Heritage Site, Scicli is a delightful baroque town collocated in the province of Ragusa. It boasts the most extended coast between all the municipalities of Ragusa where the anthropic elements are side to side with zones that are still uncontaminated and wildernesses.

Ragusa Ibla

Defined “the island in the island” or “ the other Sicily” by great writers and artists, Ragusa has seen its rebirth following a devastating earthquake in the 1963. The architectural masterpieces of Ibla are part of the Heritage of Humanity.

Ispica & Cava d’Ispica

Pretty agricultural town with beautiful monuments at the end of a deep rocky gorge with thick traces that testify the presence of prehistoric necropolis and settlements.

and again …

and again…
Trekking, Biking, Surfing, the Natural Reserve of Cavagrande del Cassibile, the Pantalica Necropolis, the Alcantara gorges, the Acreide palace, the mosaics of Piazza Armerina, the Volcano Etna, the places of Montalbano (Donna Fugata and the house near the sea in Punta Secca) as well as the staircases, houses and restaurants in Ibla an Scicli.